How to Choose Laundry Detergent

How to choose the right Persil ProClean detergent

For everyday laundry
Our Original scent detergent is a great everyday detergent because of its stain-fighting ability. It's available as a liquid detergent, as well as in pre-measured discs for no mess.

For extra stain fighting
When your household needs a little extra stain-fighting power, try Persil? ProClean? Stain Fighter. The formula combines our deep clean technology plus boosted stain removal to help you fight even the toughest stains in the laundry room. Persil? Stainfighter Liquid is also available in convenient pre-measured discs.

For sensitive skin
A hypoallergenic liquid detergent is available for those with sensitive skin. It's dermatologist-tested and 100% dye-free and perfume free.

For extra freshness
Our powerful, stain-fighting detergent is also available in a couple of other, extra fresh scents.